martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

Extasis Tropical

Armando Bo and Isabel Sarli are not exactly what I would have called a perfect couple, at least not from appearances. Sarli was a voluptuous beauty queen from a high-class family, while Bo was a very low-budget exploitation filmmaker. However, the two came together and fell in love, and it was true love since they never separated until Bo’s death in 1980. Together they made a series of melodramas aimed at rural audiences, filled with lurid love stories and of course, nudity galore from Isabel Sarli. I’m a huge fan of these movies, particularly since they’re so melodramatic that they border on comedy. But the main reason I like them, however, are for Sarli herself.
Sarli, along with Brigitte Lahaie from France, is the kind of woman I consider ‘perfect’. Perfect body, perfect looks, just perfect, the kind of woman that I wish I could meet someday, not to mention she is completely fearless when it comes to acting. The story is similar to many of their films, with Sarli being a prostitute that falls in love with a fisherman, but her old lifestyle, not to mention her pimp, won’t let her have a normal life. Meanwhile, we see her with many different clients, some rapists, others bad comedic relief.
Isabel Sarli shows off her naked body, and often. Every time I see her naked, I feel like a little baby wanting to get something in my mouth. The drool surely flows during a film of hers. The sex scenes are pretty explicit, particularly those between Sarli and Bo, they’re full of passion and lust, you could tell they were really crazy about each other. Sadly, this is definitely one of the least interesting Sarli/Bo pictures I’ve seen. It doesn’t have the craziness of Fuego, or the insanity of Embrujada. But still, even at it’s worst, this film is definitely good for a whack, and comes recommended for men and women who, like me, are into shapely women. You won’t be disappointed.

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