sábado, 31 de octubre de 2009

Blood Sabbath

It is worth nothing that this cheap little exploitation/horror film was directed by Brianne Murphy, one of the most important female cinematographers of all time. She was the DP on many of the most important TV dramas in the history of the game. So why you may ask, did she make this movie? Well, we all need a paycheck I guess. The story deals with young hitchhiker David (Anthony Geary), one of those “I’m in search of America” types who just got home from the Vietnam war. After being ‘attacked’ by a gang of naked babes, he escapes (why?) and meets a water nymph named Yyalah (Susan Darnante).
Yeah cuz every time you get lost in the woods, you meet a damn water nymph that looks like a Playboy model. So of course, David falls in love with her, even though everyone in the place tells him not to. This incurs the wrath of Alotta, Queen of The Witches (played by Dyanne Thorne, Ilsa herself) and her coven of witches, as David decides to offer his soul to Alotta so no more children can be taken. Alotta agrees, but with a heavy price. Yes, this synopsis is utterly ridiculous. I mean, it sounds like a story written by a teenage girl who is into Twilight and likes role-playing games. Alas, it’s a real movie, but it’s not without it’s charms. Nobody in the cast is particularly impressive, save for the always incredible Dyanne Thorne, who is as sexually charged and seductive as ever, even if she trades her SS suit for a witch’s robe.
There is a lot of nudity in this film, the excuse being that it’s a witch’s coven, and it’s all shot with young nubile ladies (except for Thorne). So yes this movie is pretty forgettable, but it has so much t&a, that it really can’t disappoint.

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