martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

Superstarlet AD

John Michael McCarthy is one of the few American auteurs making films in the 21st century. He makes movies, on film, for himself, with his interests in mind. And much like his previous pictures, such as Teenage Tupelo and The Sore Losers, this one keeps that tradition alive. Like the tagline says, only when men turn to animal, women turn to women, and in a post-apocalyptic world where men are regressing to the level of Neanderthals, and women now rule over the surface of the city of Femmemphis, and only wear vintage clothes because they were the only strong enough fabric to survive the destruction. The city has become a warzone as Blondes, Redheads and Brunnettes all form their own marauding gangs. All except the Superstarlets, a group of women with all hair colors who are hunting for old, missing stag reels with their grandmothers dancing naked. The gangs hate them, but the Superstarlets love themselves.
Yeah, this isn’t high Shakespeare stuff, but this isn’t what we’re looking for when we’re watching a movie called Superstarlet AD. McCarthy’s main interest was being able to create a film that was similar to the sexploitation roughies that came out during the late 60’s, directed by such auteurs as Herschell Gordon Lewis and Doris Wishman. Wishman in particular has an influence, as the characters have the same longing for love that consists in the characters in Wishman films. The movie is composed of mostly female actresses, and from the looks of them they all look like go-go dancers. The most impressive is Kerine Elkins, a McCarthy regular who was also in Sore Losers (playing a similar character), as the fiery Queen Jezebel, leader of the Redheads gang. She kicks ass, talks loud and looks great naked.
Like I said, the films of John Michael McCarthy all share very similar themes. It’s like you’re blending Russ Meyer, John Waters, rockabilly, the Cramps, awesome vintage cars and a 50’s tattoo parlor into a mixer, and what do you get? Many great films by this great auteur, and Superstar AD is one of them.

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