martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

Toxic Zombies

When dirty hippies are working on a secret plantation in the middle of the woods, the government decides to spray a special, experimental insecticide over their crops. But it doesn’t just land on their crops, it lands on the hippies, turning them into murderous zombies who are stalking a group of vacationers trying to have a good time. Talk about your ruined weekends! Meanwhile, two government agents are out in the woods, doing an investigation.
This movie pre-dates a lot of the stuff we see today in zombie movies. For one, it’s a very obvious biochemical disease that turns them into monsters, and second the ‘zombies’ are not really zombies. They’re more like deceased people who have gone completely insane and psychotic. So in many ways it pre-dates stuff like 28 Days Later. But other than that, there’s really not much to recommend for this film. The story gets old really quick and the pace lags like a motherfucker. The acting, for the most part is terrible, although I will admit that seeing John Amplas (Martin) in a small but memorable role.
The gore is also very hum-drum, nothing to be freaked out about. In fact, for the most part the blood looks more like Kool Aid. I’ve made better-looking blood in my amateur horror films! For some reason this piece of shit was given the Video Nasty seal, although I can’t imagine how anyone with their right mind could take themselves seriously. It’s a bad, boring and uninteresting movie, and not the best example in the 80’s independent horror movement.

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  1. I have this one on my list, simply because its a zombie movie (and its got toxic waste!) but according to your review its not even worth the time of day so I guess theres no real rush to watch this one.