miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Rolls Royce Baby

Now here’s an oddity: a Lina Romay film not directed by Jess Franco! Instead, this was directed by Irwin C. Dietrich, who produced many of Franco’s films during the late 60s and early 70’s, and I think he holds his own. He directed the previously reviewed Los Violadores (or Mad Foxes, as it’s more commonly known), the hardcore Caged Women and awesome Night Of The Female Colonel. The plot, or what counts as one, involves a young woman who gets humiliated by two crude long-distance truckers whilst hitch-hiking. After they've both had their way with her, they throw her out of the truck and keep her clothes. She becomes rich and famous, thanks to a fortuitous movie-role. The incident is still very much on her mind, and she spends her days reversing the role she played. Picking up numerous lucky sods in the back of her Rolls Royce, and satisfying herself on them, she drives off and moves onto the next.
This is basically the whole of the plot, as it goes on for almost eighty minutes with the same storyline. What keeps you motivated is the beautiful Lina Romay. This is 70’s Lina Romay, and she’s pretty much the perfect female specimen, being outrageously beautiful, an exhibitionist, and carrying a lot of sex appeal. The way she shows off her body, with such confidence and passion, really makes you wish you knew somebody like her (and her looks). There are a lot of what-the-fuck moments as well, such as the kung-fu-fighting chauffeur, played by Eric Falk, who has a pair of disappearing karate trousers. There is also the truck driver who gets a weird fit of the giggles when he sees Romay enter with one of her suitors.
The cinematography is also beautiful, with lots of browns, golds and greens, and the countryside being truly gorgeous. But sadly, like most porno films, this one gets a little old and repetitive after a while, but what keeps you watching is the beautiful Lina Romay. God, Jess Franco is one lucky dude.

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