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The Coming Of Sin

First off, I apologize that the only box cover I could find was that of it's American title, The Violation of the Bitch, which looks like a completely different movie.
Lorna (Patricia Granada) is a painter living in a far-away house in the country. She takes in a young woman named Triana (Lidia Zuazo), a teenager of gypsy descent, to stay over at her house. But Triana has a secret: there is a naked man on horseback chasing after her to impregnate her. Triana says this is wrong, since prophecy dictates that if this happens, there’ll be a death. So, Triana and Lorna together try to solve the strange mystery and keep Triana from ‘doing the deed’, while making love to each other at the same time.
This film was directed by Jose Ramon Larraz, a very famous director on the horror and sexploitation genre, creating films like Symptoms, Black Candles, and the famous Vampyres. Here, he decides to make something in the style of Emmanuelle, and succeeds on most levels. It has a lot of the faults of an exploitation film, mainly the acting, but there is a lot to recommend. For starters, Larraz’s cinematography is very beautiful and often borders on the dream-like, with soft focus to make you feel like you’ve entered a brand-new erotic world. There are a lot of sex scenes and nudity which are displayed in a slow, very passionate manner, almost ritualistic. Larraz is also able to create some very iconographic imagery, such as the famous woman-inside-a-gold-horse. It’s something that’s a little weird to see at first, but it’s obvious what Larraz is trying to communicate, and how the psychology of sex influences the human mind. It’s obvious that Larraz read on Freud while in preparation for this film.
This movie has a cinematic modern equivalent, and that is Mulholland Drive. At least the first half of Mulholland Drive is very similar to this. It features two young women, one in desperation, who are attracted to each other sexually while at the same time trying to solve a mystery. The first sex scene between our two actresses is very similar to the one shared by Naomi Watts and Laura Harring, from the build-up and down to the lighting. I’m sure David Lynch won’t acknowledge it, but he definitely saw this movie while in preparation of making this film, it’s too damn identical. There are tedious moments, as the movie does go at a slow pace and features some filler material, such as some flamenco dancing that does nothing to advance the storyline. The end also has a plot twist that doesn’t really make sense, since it betrays a lot of the actions already taken in the film. Still, it’s a great film in the erotic genre and comes highly recommended.

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  1. I recently saw this one. A bit slow, but a really good built as it all comes out at the end. I like the gypsy filler bits...it's kind of funny the leads are sooo modley actors, but it's a tale of 2 gypsies.

    Um what i really liked though was that this had the trappings of sexploitation, but was really a well told dreamy, Bunelian--yes Freudian tale. Are there more movies like this?