martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

I Was A Teenage Serial Killer

Oh, Sarah Jacobson. The queen of underground film during the 1990’s, she was only able to make two films, including the masterpiece Mary Jane’s Not A Virgin Anymore (previously reviewed) before sadly passing away from cancer in 2004. She ran her own production company with her mother, Station Wagon Productions, and did her own selling and marketing of her movies. Watching her films are bittersweet: they’re great, but you feel the sadness of what might have been. This was her first film.
Kristin Calabrese plays Mary, our titular character. She’s your typical riot grrl of the 90’s, with a lot of attitude but sexy enough to still be feminine. She is also a serial killer, and kills the men who treat her badly. Sort of like a feminist Ted Bundy. The film is very low budget, with many faults when it comes to the technical department. What suffers most is the sound, since most of the dialogue is recorded over. But still, this movie is pretty damn cool. If you’ve ever seen early John Waters and the Kuchar Brothers, you’ll see there’s a lot of that in this film. It has that dark violent side, mixed in with a very perverse sense of humor that makes underground films so special. Kristin is great in her role, being able to go from simple to psycho in the stroke of a moment. She’s also a very brave actress, being able to have a very realistic sex scene and not showing any problems with showing her perfect body. It’s also pretty bloody. So if you are a fan of underground movies and want to escape from the norm, this is a film I recommend you seek out, if you can find it.

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  1. Sounds cool! I have never heard of the filmmaker. Too bad we lost her so soon...

  2. Ooh, I have this on DVD. Bought it from her mom last year... great people, both of them. Too bad I didn't discover Sarah until after her death... :-(

    My favorite film is "Mary Jane's not a Virgin Anymore," by the way. Guess what my second favorite is? XD