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Convent Of Sinners

The cycle of Nunsploitation movies was pretty dead and gone by the time the mid-eighties came about, but that didn’t stop Joe D’Amato from making a last run from it. D’Amato was already well into his career as a master of European pornography, and it seems like this was one of those movies he made trying to grasp some sort of legitimate film work so he wouldn’t go insane. He kept doing these sporadically until the nineties, where he was in full on porn mode.
The story deals with a young girl named Suzanna (played by Eva Grimaldi), who is forced to join a convent after being caught being raped by her father. In the convent she befriends Mother Superior (Jessica Moore) who gives a lot of lesbian affection. This enrages her old lesbian lover, Sister Teresa (Karin Well). When Mother Superior falls ill, Teresa takes her chance and takes over the convent, and brings all her vengeance onto Suzanna, making her out to be possessed and making her go through the tortures of the Inquisition. Will she be saved by her only friend, a young priest Don Morel, or will she die under the tortures of the Church?
Like most nunsploitation movies that came after the success of The Devils, this movie is a soft-core porn film masquerading as a serious drama. Still, it’s not a bad thing. The film contains a lot of lesbian sex and nudity, and the women here are very beautiful. Eva Grimaldi has a perfect body, and gets naked often. She also goes through a lot of torture, the worst being when she gets a huge syringe filled with holy water stuck up her joytrail, and the liquid inserted. Karin Well appeared here as well, and it was very shocking to see her. She looked blonde, pale and beautiful in Burial Ground: Nights Of Terror, but here she’s so sun-taned, she looks like a completely different person, not to mention she acts like a beach. She also gets nude as well, making me wonder why she wasn’t asked to do the same in Burial Ground. Still, this is a pretty cool film, is competently acted and has good production design, but in the end, it tries to be more than what it really is. It’s just a good sexploitation nun movie, one of the last before the genre became fully pornographic.

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