sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

Trick Or Treat

The kid from Family Ties plays a loner metalhead who gets picked on mercilessly by bullies and preppies. His only escape is heavy metal music, especially the one produced by his hero, Sammi Curr (played by an ex Solid Gold dancer). When Sammi Curr dies in a bizarre ritual, the kid is heartbroken, at least until the local disc jockey gives him the rocker’s last recording. As soon as he plays it, weird things start to happen, until Sammi Curr comes back to life with the powers of electricity to kill everyone in the prom.

This is one of the most hilarious movies I’ve seen in a long time. Sammi Curr is the most hilarious horror monster I’ve seen in my life, with his weird hair, beautifully scarred face and dance-strike poses. Also there’s no way that kid would be a metalhead. Whoever cast this idiot should shoot himself. Still, this movie is fun, and very entertaining, featuring some cool explosions and effects. It’s not as gory as it should have been, but it’s too late to cry about it now.

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