sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

Wallace And Gromit In Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

Wallace, that cheese-loving freak from the classic English stop-motion cartoons, is the star of this film, along with his good buddy who gets him out of trouble, Gromit. Wallace is on a diet, cutting down on the cheese and instead eating vegetables. Which is fine, since the town is absolutely vegetable-crazy and are over-protective of their plantations, hoping to show them off and win the top prize at the local yearly fear from the town’s own Lady Tottington (played by Helena Bohnam Carter). There is one big problem: rabbits! Wallace capture the poor animals but refuses to exterminate them, so he creates a machine that he’s sure will bring about the end of their hunger for vegetables. It’s too bad, because a giant monster is destroying the crops, and it might be a side effect of Wallace’s machine.
The first vegetarian horror movie? Damn right. I grew up watching a lot of these old Wallace & Gromit short cartoons, my favorite still being The Wrong Trousers. So when I heard they were making a big-screen adaptation, I was thrilled! Not only that, but it was an homage to classic horror movies as well, they even say ‘beware the moon!” to a particularly hilarious moment. The animation as usual is top notch, and watching it made me remember the characters and felt like hanging out with old friends. Wallace is still clueless and a voracious eater, which makes it even funnier considering his huge problems, and Gromit as always is there to help his friend out without Wallace really noticing what’s going on. The rest of the cast is hilarious, but none steal the show more than Ralph Fiennes as Lord Victor Quatermaine, a big game hunter who’s competing for the love of Lady Tottington, who obviously loves Wallace more. This is a hilarious film that both adults and kids can enjoy.

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