miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2009


After the mysterious disappearance of his journalist wife after researching animal abuse charges in Australia, his Canadian husband goes to the Aussie country to search what exactly happened to her. Soon enough he’s met with hatred and distrust, as the outback is quiet about her disappearance. At first he suspects two psychotic outbackers who hunt kangaroos (if there’s something weird about these Australian exploitation films, is the fact that the people in the outback are always vicious, beer-swinging rapists who kill animals), soon enough he finds out the truth: there is a gigantic wild boar in the outback, and it has a hunger for human flesh.
Directed by Russell Mulcahy, who would go on to direct Highlander and music videos for Duran Duran and Billy Joel, it’s been accused of being a film that has more style over substance. And it’s easy to make the accusation, since the cinematography is gorgeous and shows the Australian landscapes in their upmost beauty. The scenes of Gregory Harrison walking through the desert with different lightings of blues, oranges and whites are very breathtaking, while the attack scenes are crossed with whites andblues. The cast is pretty good, but it’s that damn pig that steals the show from everybody else. I know more than half the budget was used on it, and that the crew experienced some of the same problems that plagued the shark from Jaws, but I have to say, the damn thing still delivers. It’s huge and scary, it’s sound effects are great and it crashes into everything. This is just a really, really badass and cool monster movie and if you like monster movies, they don’t come as stylish as this. It won’t disappoint.

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