viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009

Slime City

One of the last classics of the 80’s 16mm underground splatter movement, the story deals with a young college student who drinks a special kind of alcohol that, wouldn’t you know it, melts him and turns him into slime. He soon discovers that there’s only one way to stop his meltdowns, and that’s human blood, and so there goes the hunt for humans. But there might be deeper complications, dealing with a suicide cult, that might make the man’s chance of survival rather dim.
This movie has a lot in common with another movie from 1980’s New York, Street Trash. Street Trash however, is an inferior movie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Street Trash, but it’s fault is in the acting and lack of character development. Too many characters in the film, not enough time to care about any of them. The thing this movie has in it’s favor is that all it’s dramatic weights falls on one main, tragic character, rejecting his nature but unable to escape it for fear of his own death. The image of our lead character , wrapped in bandages, is truly remarkable and very much similar to the image of Claude Rains as The Invisible Man. The gore effects are cheap, but effective. Looks like they wasted a lot of lube and green/orange food colorant. The acting is pretty good for such a low budget movie, the characters being well-written and believable, with the exception of a quick scene with black gangbangers, your typical “I’m black and I’m angry” types who end up without a hand.
Let’s be honest: if you want to see this movie, you’re mainly interested in one main thing: how good are the meltdowns. The meltdowns are not as effective as the ones in Street Trash, but Slime City is superior in story, and is more recommended.

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