sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

Hell On Wheels

Being a fan of exploitation cinema, you go out of your way to try and watch everything that you can, and that means all subgenres that are included in exploitation. Women in Prison films, biker movies, roughies, LSD films, etc. One of those subgenres is the roller derby film. I’ve only seen two: Kansas City Bomber and Unholy Rollers. But of course, I’ve never seen the sport. It doesn’t exist in PR and has come out in the US as an alternative sport. So in my search for info, I stumbled upon this documentary.

This documentary is very interesting as a lesson in how NOT to start a business. It was started by a man who called four different women to be team captains of four different teams. The man got dropped for his irresponsibility and drug addiction, and the four girls started their own league. And soon enough, it slowly but surely falls apart. There is animosity between the members over the decisions taken by the four leaders, not having their voices heard, etc. The last straw comes in when they forget to get insurance, which is not a good thing considering how they get hurt. I won’t reveal the finale, but it’s very engrossing and interesting, kind of like an all-female soap opera.

Starting a company is complicated, and it’s not easy to please the people involved, and the documentary shows it pretty clear. It’s too bad because the shows they put are incredible and look really fun. So this is very recommended. Now let’s start making roller derby movies again!

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