miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2009

The Seventh Curse

This is the kind of movie that reminds me why the fuck I love Hong Kong cinema to begin with: they take risks, they don’t care for such trivial things as a plot that makes sense, they go all out batshit nuts for the sake of entertainment. The story deals with a young doctor who is suffering from a blood curse, brought on by the profanation of a tribe during an visit in Thailand. This is told in a flashback sequence, and they’re easily the best scenes in the movie. Following his master’s (Chow-Yun Fat, in a glorified cameo) advice, he decides to return, and face the tribe. Gory action ensues.

This movie is crazy entertaining. The movie is full of kick-ass martial arts fights and awesome special effects and gore, with a cool-looking Kung Fu corpse who, after devouring a victim’s spinal chord, turns into an Chinese version of HR Giger’s Alien design. The acting wasn’t that impressive, especially from a young Maggie Chung, who still didn’t know how to act. Hard to believe so, being the beautiful star of In The Mood For Love, Hero and 2046. Then again, a movie like this isn’t watched for the acting. Pretty kick-ass film that never gets boring.

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