sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009


I’ve been a follower of Troma since I first heard of them when I was a teenager and watched the original Toxic Avenger on a very shitty VHS (remember those?!?). I was amazed by how much energy it contained, the action, the music, and more importantly, the cheap special effects and gore. I knew I had found a movie studio that was close to my heart. I followed them and watched everything they made, and after 30 years, it can be said that Poultrygeist is their greatest achievement yet, combining everything that made them great, but with a level of professionalism and greatness that was seldom seen.
The story is simple: Arbie, a young dweeb with a tiny penis, gets angry over seeing his former high school sweetheart Wendy (Kate Graham) being the lover of a ultra-liberal, angry, protesting feminazi lesbian. So, he joins their object of protest: a fast food joint named American Chicken Bunker. But all is not well, as the restaurant was built over ancient Indian burial ground, and soon enough the spirits of both the Indians and the slaughtered chickens come back from their graves to possess the living and destroy the world. Arbie, with his motley crew of co-workers, must protect Wendy from the evil chicken monsters.
In typical Troma fashion, there is absolutely no political correctness to sour the proceedings. There’s jokes about puke, diarrhea, the fast food industry, the Muslims, racism, and giant zombie chickens. The gore and blood flows like rivers, and the movie is full of energy and anarchy, even more so than Terror Firmer or the Toxic Avenger films. It’s the pinnacle achievement in Troma’s career, and like their most famous previous films, it will become a classic of the underground cinema movement. Don’t miss it.

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