domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

Satan's Little Helper

Dougie is a young, annoying, ugly little kid who has an obsession with the devil thanks to a video game he’s playing called “Satan’s Little Helper”, where he plays the assistant to the Lord of Darkness. His world comes to a shock when his hot sister Jenna (Katherine Winnick) comes home with a new boyfriend, Dean. In his satanic fantasy, he meets a serial killer dressed in a creepy Satan costume. The killer finds the young boy endearing, and both go on a crime and murder spree together.
This is a movie I had absolutely no expectations for. I was expecting it to be nothing more than a generic slasher with a cool mask. I never thought I’d be getting a black comedy version of John Carpenter’s Halloween. It’s both funny and genuinely scary. But the best parts are definitely the sequences between the boy and the killer, which are hilarious but genuinely unnerving. I’m referring to scenes such as the one where they start hurting people with a shopping cart, and all the body gestures done by the killer. It’s almost like he truly believed he was doing some sort of act for the young boy, giving the thumbs up and middle finger, depending on the situation, and even dancing when sneaking on a party to throw detergent on a punch, which of course results in a hilarious poisoning sequence. The acting is pretty damn good. Katherine Winnick is very beautiful and believable in the role of Jenna. With her looks and costume, I can see why her brother is so obsessed with her. But she can throw down when needed, so yes she is your stereotypical tough girl scream queen. Nothing wrong with that. Amanda Plummer from Pulp Fiction also shows up as the mom. So yes, if you want to watch a movie that’s both scary and funny, and has one of the creepiest looking killers in film history, then come check this one out. It’s excellent.

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