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Rocktober Blood

Billy Eye (Tray Loren) is the lead singer for the heavy metal band Rocktober Blood. He’s also, apparently, a disturbed individual who kills everyone in the recording studio, with the exception of her back up singer, Lynn (Donna Scoggins). After Lynn fingers him to the police and Billy is executed, two years pass and Lynn is the lead singer of the band. Counting the days till the big concert, Billy begins to re-appear in Lynn’s life, and killing those around her. Could this really be Billy, or is something much more sinister going on?
Here’s the problem with the metal/horror subgenre: there’s no way to make a movie in this genre and keep it serious. First of all, all the movies are incredibly dated by their eighties time period, a time when people really thought it was some sort of satanic music. Second, they’re all cheesy as hell. Trick or Treat, Rock N’ Roll Nightmare, Hard Rock Zombies, they’re all funny and cheesy but hardly scary. This movie is no exception. In fact, it might be the most ridiculous of them all, thanks to Tray Loren and his character of Billy Eye. If you ever wanted to hear someone with the most obnoxious laugh ever, here he is. It’s like fingernails through a chalkboard. He’s constantly mugging as well, with bad Ziggy Stardust makeup and red bandanas that make him like he should be in a Loverboy cover band than a speed metal band. The rest of the cast doesn’t fare well better. Every member of the cast looks like they were picked from bad community theatre, and forced to look like Eighties’ metalheads. There are half-assed attempts at terror and gore, but none are very memorable, not even a particular dismembering.
The best part of the movie comes in the last act, with the concert sequences. The music is pretty damn cool, provided by the band Sorcery, and Billy goes around killing victims with a microphone/sword that are tied to the stage. The ending, with Billy being electrocuted and singing his high note at the same time, seems almost like a parody of Beef’s death in The Phantom Of The Paradise (one of my favorites). In the end, this is a fun cheesy fare, and you’ll be singing Rainbow Eyes long after the movie’s done.

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