martes, 11 de agosto de 2009

Mary Jane's Not A Virgin Anymore

Mary Jane is a young and awkward college student working in an arthouse cinema in the city, even though she’s from the suburbs. She wants everyone in her work to think she’s cool, from her punk rock best friend to her gay boss. After a particularly bad first sexual experience, she discusses everything from love to masturbation with her friends. They get a new guy, who’s pretty cute, to work in the theatre and Mary Jane and him start a relationship. Sadly, things don’t go well.

Sarah Jacobson was the queen of the DIY film scene in the 1990’s, with this film and her previous short, I Was A Teenage Serial Killer. Done in the 90’s punk rock scene and shot in 16mm, this is everything an underground movie should be. The script is clever as hell, and funny without being unrealistic. It deals with many feminist ideas, without being overly preachy about it or taking itself too seriously. The acting can be fair at times and not so good sometimes. Lisa Gerstein is great as Mary Jane, plain-looking but spunky and energetic. Her appearance and attitude definitely made me believe she wasn’t sexually experienced. I think the best performance came from Beth Allen as Ericka, with her riot grrl looks and dreaded hair, gives her role a lot of energy and realism. Yes, I use the word realism a lot, but it is. There are also some interesting cameos, such as Davey Havok from AFI (who’s band is on the soundtrack when they still played punk rock), and Jello Biafra from the Dead Kennedys as a religious moral watchdog! Classic bit of casting right there.
Sadly, Ms. Jacobson passed away in 2004 from endometrial cancer, after finishing a documentary on the film Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains. She is however, remembered and always will be, as one of the greatest and most unique voices in the underground cinema world, right up there with the Kuchar Brothers, John Waters and Jim Van Bebber. Rest in peace, sister.

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