sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

Fair Game

Jessica is an Australian environmentalist who has her own private property where she takes care of different animals. An animal preserve, if you will. Too bad it’s hot in the outback, for her and also for a violent gang of poachers who are entering her property and killing off kangaroos. When she tries to make a fuss about it, these poachers don’t take too kindly and start violently torturing and tormenting her, until she’s had enough and decides to fight back.

Like an Australian I Spit On Your Grave (only less extreme) this is basically your typical ‘female revenge’ storyline, what separates it from the rest of the genre is it’s effective use of the Australian outback and, of course, it’s huge fuckin truck that’s designed like it was an red alien monster. That red truck is quite a looker, and it’s shot like it was a killer in a slasher film, as he comes down on everything and anything on it’s way. In one of the most incredible sequences, actress Cassandra Delaney (John Denver’s ex-wife) is strapped half-naked and stripped to the truck as it drives around, like she was a hood ornament. Truly incredible and worth the price alone. This is however, a typical Australian exploitation film, with it’s villains being those twisted, over-the-top evil backwoods Australians who love cars, kill animals and are loud and obnoxious. Although I will give it the benefit that the leader of the psychos is actually a very calm, collected and calculated hunter, instead of the loud hooligans that are typical in this kind of film. So I say to you, don’t watch this hoping for a life-changing three-act-structured film. It has, however, a ton of action, nudity, violence, incredible stuns and explosions. So watch it!

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