lunes, 3 de agosto de 2009

Tomb Of Dracula

Based on the famous comic book by Marvel Comics, this is basically three anime episodes edited together to look like a motion-picture. Posing as Satan, Dracula steals the bride of the devil with intention of destroying her, but instead falls in love with her. Dracula and his bride, Domini, end up having a child named Janus. Satan hates this, so he lures Dracula and his family into the lair of the Satanists. In the battle with the Satanists’ leader, Janus dies.

In the second episode, Janus returns from the dead as a sort of superhero, and Domini reveals herself to have the powers of God in her hands. Dracula has the last fight with Satan, and receives help from Domini, in the process losing his powers.

The third story involves Dracula going to New York to find the vampire Layla (who reminds me of the character Lilith from the comics) to restore his powers, but sadly it doesn’t all go as he wanted. He meets other vampires for the task of gaining his powers, but most vampires just hate him, as they have a new master, Sir Tomo. Battle ensues.
I don’t want to reveal too much away, but I don’t know how to feel about this. The animation is very good, it reminds me of Vampire Hunter D. There are some genuinely effective scenes, like the one where the undead rise from the graves to destroy Dracula, which could have come out of a Romero film. Sadly, I saw this with some bad English dubbing, which made it funnier even at it’s most dramatic moments. I also didn’t like the vampire hunters subplot. They sucked in every battle and for the rest of the film didn’t serve any purpose other than talk bullshit. If it had been Blade or maybe Hannibal King to fight Dracula it might have been more interesting, but sadly it was not the case. Still, it’s a good time-waster, and you could do worse.

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