viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009

Pleasures Of The Damned

Another parody of 70’s grindhouse cinema from the same people who gave us Isle Of The Damned, this is the same kind of crazy, balls-to-the-wall horror/comedy I’m starting to get used to from shit auteur Antonello Giallo. It deals with a gang of Satanist bikers, a pretty lady, a reporter, a cult leader who’s actor keeps changing through out the film, a teacher with an afro, and monk zombies ala Burial Ground. And that’s basically how the movie should be seen, as Burial Ground meets Monty Python meets I Drink Your Blood. The music and lighting mimics the style of the time, while at the same time filming without sound on purpose. What more can I say about this? I’ll keep it short and sweet: this movie rocks and is essential viewing for fans of trash.

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