miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

Anyone But My Husband

Nora is your typical bored housewife, dedicating herself completely to her deadbeat unfaithful husband who doesn’t like her because she’s “not young enough”. After hitting rock bottom by masturbating with a champagne bottle, she goes to a psychiatrist who tells her the best way to get even is to have affairs. With help of her friend Sylvia, she goes about having sex with some pretty weird dudes. This is definitely one of the most entertaining porno movies from the 70’s, being very well acted and in some cases, genuinely funny. The best scene has to be the one in the fortune teller’s home, where Nora experiences her first lesbian experience with the fortune teller, while Sylvia receives some deep 13-inch fucking from The Hook, a latino with a very big dick, as you know already. After having sex with Sylvia, The Hook gives Nora some deep-throat action. In the end, Silvia is walking like she was split open, while Nora has a hoarse voice thanks to the oral antics. This was C. J. Laing’s first porno film after making some loops in NY, and she owns it from the beginning, showing both a housewife’s boredom believably and her change into a nymphomaniac. She gets everything done to her, from whipping to fisting to deep-throating and fucking the afore-mentioned bottle. She’ll go on to show off more of her talents in great pornos like Waterpower, Sex Wish, The Taking Of Christina and Unwilling Lovers.

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