lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

The Driller Killer

Poor old Abel Ferrara. He has to finish his painting, but his artistic and economic differences give him something of a mental relapse, not knowing if he should paint for art or money. A nagging girlfriend doesn’t help either, neither does a demanding art dealer, annoying landlord, and the neighbors from hell, a 70’s proto-punk band named The Roosters. So what can Abel do? Why, go insane and kill people with an electric drill, of course! This is an excellent film, the kind that would inspire anyone and everyone to become a no-budget filmmaker, done in the seedy shitty-looking New York streets of the late 70’s, right in the middle of the punk rock scene. The acting is also above average, even for a horror flick. Abel Ferrara would prove himself to be an incredible filmmaker in the years to come, with movies like Ms. 45, Bad Lieutenaunt and King Of New York. This was his first tho, and one of his best.

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