domingo, 14 de junio de 2009


A part of the early 80’s wave of punksploitation movies, this is definitely one of the better ones, although not as good as Suburbia. The story deals with Wren, an individualistic street-girl trying to find her big break in the punk rock scene in New York. On her street adventures she meets two men who will change her life: Eric, played by punk pioneer Richard Hell, an egomaniac rock musician who will shack up with anyone she can, and Paul, a small town dude unable to cope with the big city. In the way, Wren will shack up, sleep with, and try as hard as hell to be with anyone who can help her deal with life. Will Paul be able to convince her to come with him to Rhode Island, in hopes of living happily and in love? I won’t say but I thought this movie to be way better than I was expecting. I first heard of it when I read it inspired the name of the famous alternative rock band. The acting is very amateurish in some parts, and brilliant in others. There are many memorable scenes, such as when Wren is kicked out of her apartment by two obnoxious ladies who end up throwing water on her. Highly recommended. Check out cameos by punk filmmaker Amos Poe and artist Jean-Michael Basquiat.

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