miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

The Host

A mutant monster that’s a cross between a shark and a tadpole wreaks havoc on Korea’s Han River, where it kills and kidnaps many unsuspecting tourists and hanger-ons during a daylight attack. One of those kidnapped souls is Hyun-seo, a schoolgirl belonging to a family of food merchants. His family tries to go after the monster, but they realize there’s a lot more behind it all, including a conspiracy involving the US government.
Who knew one of the greatest monster movies of all time would come from Korea of all places, who’s last monster movie was the underrated Pulgasari way back in the 70’s? Everything about this movie is great, from the acting to the fast paced direction Bong Joon-ho, who’s already being hailed as the Korean Speilberg. I hope he doesn’t go as bad as that particular director. But what makes the movie great is definitely the monster, who is scary and kick-ass at the same time. The third act’s ending is definitely one of the most exciting of all time. Sadly it should have ended there, since the movie does have a really uninspiring second climax. I also admire the balls the movie had to be so anti-American, showing the US government as the corrupt money-loving power hungry fiends that they are, willing to kill and keep quiet about it in order to go ahead. In the end, this movie is excellent and very recommended. Long live The Host!

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