sábado, 27 de junio de 2009

Lovely But Deadly

Oh boy, here we go. A remake of Coffy, Lucinda Dooling plays “Lovely” a high school cheerleader who takes it upon herself to take down a high school drug cartel, after his younger brother gets hooked and drowns on the beach. Using her body to do so, she reaches the higher enchiladas until, like Coffy, that some of the people she loves are involved as well. This movie is hilarious from the opening on in, with it’s amateurish acting and badly choreographed kung fu scenes. Lucinda Dooling just can’t do either, and nobody in this film seems able to carry the picture. Still, it’s hard to hate because, with all it’s terrible filmmaking, it’s pretty damn entertaining. So this one in particular should be taken in with a warning.

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