miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

Isle of the Damned

Thirty years ago, the great horror film director Antonello Giallo was forced to disappear when rumours of abuse toward the natives started circulating during his film, Isle of the Damned. He already had controversy with his previous one, Pleasures of the Damned, so this is the straw that broke the camel’s back.
This movie, the most perverted of perverted, deals with a group of adventurers in search of treasure on the remote Cannibal Island. There, it’s cannibal time as the group succumbs to the native tribe. I do not want to reveal anything else because I still need 99 showers after watching this macabre mostrosity. Fuck you, Antonello. Fuck you, wherever you are, for submitting myself into watching this film. Good god man! Cannibalism, murder, pedofilia, bad moustaches! I have never sank into watching a movie this depraved in my life. For that I show you both hatred and respect. I hope I can soon see other of your lost films, but in the meantime, fuck you, you spaghetti-eating guido for ruining my retinas with such depravity. Good depravity, but depravity anyway!

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