domingo, 21 de junio de 2009

Super Vixens

Poor Clint Ramsey, he’s married to the hottest bitch in the world who nags and nags till no end. She’s SuperAngel, a hot ass babe but too annoying for keeps. While on a bar, and getting hit on by Haji aka SuperHaji from Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Clint is framed by policeman Harry Sledge, who brutally murders his wife after being seduced by her and proving he’s quite a dead fuck, to say the least. And so, Clint goes around the country trying to start a new life, meeting new and crazier women like Super Soul (a mail-order nymphomaniac played by Uschi Digart) and the mute but horny SuperEulah. He finally falls in love with SuperVixen, who has SuperAngel’s body but an actual nice personality, and everything seems to go happily every after until Sledge comes back to fuck things up.
This movie is one of Meyer’s best, featuring insane editing and the over-the-top acting he’s most famous for. The women are incredible as ever, with Shari Eubank stealing the show as both SuperAngel and SuperVixen. Then ending is explosive.

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