domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

Dead Heat

The late Eighties were a time for buddy cop comedy/action flicks. Lethal Weapon, Naked Gun, you know the drill. So mix it in with a zombie motif and HELLO, you got this pretty funny, entertaining action/comedy flick about Treat Williams, aka Roger Mortis (HAH, get it?) and his buddy Doug Bigelow (played by 90’s punch-line Joe Piscopo) trying to solve a zombie crime spree. When Roger himself turns into a zombie, they team up with sexy Lindsay Frost trying to find the man responsible for his death. The movie has a lot of cool action scenes and very cool fx. Frost’s meltdown is particularly awesome. Darren McGavin and Vincent Price also show up to add into the awesomeness. I love this flick.

2 comentarios:

  1. Got this one on DVD. I always felt this was a original take on the zombie genre, mixing a buddy cop formula with a balls the wall (at least for the 80s - 90s) attitude. Very underrated and defenetly Joe Piscopo's best film (then again, that really isn't saying much... tee hee).

  2. Treat was great as usual in this! They should have made a sequel!