viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

La Matanza Canibal De Los Garrulos Lisergicos

Siniestro Total were a punk rock band from Spain during the 1980’s. They also have the honor of having the first horror movie with a real rock band as the stars, way before Guitar Wolf got into it. It deals with the band arriving in a farmhouse belonging to a cannibal family in the vein of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (and by that I mean they’re sillier, if you know what I mean). They kill all the members in the most ridiculously gory ways possible, from castration, eviseration, necrofilia, and they even pick a baby and drink his brains like a Smoothie. It’s hilarious, and it’s very similar of those late 80’s/early 90’s shot on video flicks like Cannibal Campout and Video Violence. The band isn’t very good in the acting department, but the cannibals are hilarious and over-the-top as you might expect. In the end we even get a dinner scene ala TCM. This is another forgotten classic from the world of gore.

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