miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

The Gateway Meat

Wow, what a movie. This is the kind of flick that reminds me that the independent horror scene is alive and well. The story deals with the assassination of President Bush in 2006. When this happens, a family of Satanists take this as a sign as they start to attack, rape, murder and mutilate people as their family activity.
Props have to go to Ron DeCaro for making a film that is genuinely upsetting and confrontational. If this movie had been released in the early 1970’s it would be as notorious as Last House On The Left. The real clinger is the sequence where two of the members rape and kill a beautiful nude blonde who has a huge wound on her back. There is also some black humour involved, when the killer visits a group of redneck assholes playing pool and incapacitates the leader. Maybe it was just me, but I found it weirdly humorous. Probably the most upsetting part of the film is the involvement of a little girl, the family’s younger daughter, who is sort of “introduced” into the mayhem like it was a game. This film is much better than the August Underground films. Now I have to go check out their previous film Eating Razors, and I’ll be looking forward to what For The Better Of Mankind productions releases in the future.

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