lunes, 1 de junio de 2009

The Seduction Of Dr. Fugazzi

Made by first-time filmmaker October Kingsley, the film deals with a psychiatrist (played by Kingsley herself) who lives a life of sex and hedonism, while at the same time having to deal with her disturbed patients. Her life comes crashing down when her mentor, Professor Elam, disappears and is suspected of murder. The film is incredibly well done by the first time director, with a great flair for lighting and set design that is way ahead of what you’d think would be in a debut film. The acting is above average as well, and I wonder how the hell they got Faye Dunaway to be in this. The ending sadly isn’t very good, or original (think an overblown, over-elaborate version of The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari’s ending). Also on a more personal note, I was kinda sad that Ms. Kingsley didn’t go topless herself, since there is some nudity. Oh well, maybe next time. Great movie tho, and very entertaining. 4 dominatrix’s out of 5.

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