domingo, 21 de junio de 2009

Beneath The Valley of the Ultra Vixens

While not as good as Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (but then again, few things are), this is definitely Russ Meyer’s wildest film.
It deals with Stuart Lancaster, as The Man From Small Town USA, a poor simpleton who suffers from an addiction to anal sex. It’s up to his wife, played by hot piece of ass Kitten Natividad, to try and stop his freakish sexual preferences. In the way Kitten is unfaithful as hell, trying to settle down her lack of vaginal sex, while The Man continues his anal escapades with other women, like the huge black-woman Junkyard Sal. It’s up to religious babe Eufaula Roop to teach the man the joys of vaginal intercourse.
Like I said, this is one of Russ’ wildest films, the sex is completely exaggerated, the movie starting with Martin Boorman having a wild sex romp of the necrophiliac nature with Ms. Eufaula, who interrupts her game of Pong to fulfill those desires. It all goes up from there, with lesbian nurses, gay doctors and more. Very recommended.

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