jueves, 11 de junio de 2009

La Horripilante Bestia Humana

Also known as Night Of The Bloody Apes, this is one of the most hilariously bad horror movies ever made. Dr. Krallman, a kindly scientist, is trying his hardest to cure his son (who played the Wolf Man in Santo y Blue Demon Vs. Dracula y El Hombre Lobo) from a paralyzing life-threatening disease. Using his great scientific brain, he kidnaps an orangutan (?) and has a heart transplant with his son.
Apparently, based on the science in Mexico, this is enough to turn his son into a monstruous, rampaging rapist monkey man who butchers everything in sight. Involved in all this chaos is a police officer and his girlfriend, who also happens to be a guilt-ridden Mexican wrestler. If you think that review sounds crazy as hell, trust me it isn’t enough to even begin to cover how delightfully insane this is. It has to be said, tho, that this movie is pretty damn realistic in it’s gore scenes. I suspect they operated on a pig to have those great close-up shots of the heart being taken out of the ape’s body. There’s also great scenes of female Mexican wrestling, and excellent cheesecake 60’s nudity. Very fun flick. By the way, I think they used the monkey man actor and makeup again for the film “Santo Vs. La Hija De Frankenstein”.

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