domingo, 14 de junio de 2009

Meat Market 1 and 2

Shot-on-video zombie movies are the bread and butter of the low-budget film world, especially since the resurrection of the genre in the mainstream by Resident Evil in 2002 and the Dawn of the Dead remake in 2004. However, this film came out way before that, making it a true original. Well, not really, there have been SOV zombie films since the 80’s like Zombie Bloodbath and Redneck Zombies, but it definitely pre-dated the resurgence in the new millennium.

Insanely inspired by Fulci and Romero, it deals with a rag-tag group of survivors trying to survive the zombie riot. That’s pretty much the plot of the first one. Argenta, leader of the group, is joined by another soldier, three lesbian vampires, and a Mexican Luchador named El Diablo Azul (Blue Demon…original….). In the end, only Argenta, the soldier and two of the vampires remain. How stupid can you be to kill the Mexican wrestler? They’re better than anything! Anyway, there’s a lot to enjoy in the film, plenty of violence, gore, zombie action, and tits!

Oh, did we mention there were lesbian vampires?

Part two follows Argenta and the leader of the lesbian vampires, with another soldier now with an eyepatch (couldn’t tell if it was the same one from the first). They are kidnapped and thrown into a military base held by some motivational speaker yuppie who wants to rebuild humanity with the ‘perfect race’. When are power-hungry madmen going to learn that this never works? The movie is a disappointment in the nudity scale (unless you like ‘em fat) but it has a lot of gore and zombie action. Even the wrestler comes back at the end, even if it doesn’t make any damn sense. Oh well, it’s not supposed to.

Either way both are highly recommended. Now I have to see part 3.

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