domingo, 14 de junio de 2009

I Drink Your Blood

Satan-worshipping hippies take over a small town until a shotgun-savvy kid shoots a dog with rabies and gives the hippies some rabies-spoiled meat pies. Now they’re all going insane with rabies, and infect almost all the population of the town. This movie is notoriously popular in the underground horror scene for how cheesy and silly it is, and they’re right. But it’s also very entertaining. There’s a lot of early gore, bad acting, cheesy LSD and anti-hippie rhetoric, and ugly, ugly nudity. I wish Lynn Lowry had shown more of her stuff, she’s the only good-looking chick in this flick. Anyway, if you’ve ever read this blog you know this flick is definitely recommended. Better than the movie however, is the DVD by Grindhouse releasing. Just when exactly am I going to get to watch An American Hippie In Israel?

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