domingo, 21 de junio de 2009

They Eat Scum

Ah, the No-Wave scene from the 1980’s, what a great time for underground films. I’ve already talked about Richard Kern, so now it’s time to review me some Nick Zedd. This was his first film, and one of the first in the movement. It deals with a punk rocker bitch named Suzie Putrid, who leads an army of punk rockers to murder and mayhem until they cause a nuclear meltdown and Suzie takes over the world. Her reign of power is on hold, however, thanks to an army of disco-dancing mutants.
This film is ugly in every sense of the word, from the 8mm cinematography to the bad sound (which sometimes is way too speeded up). However, the movie is very enjoyable, with tons of violence, body mutilation, sex and nudity, and animal-fucking drag queens. There’s just no way to get bored.

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