lunes, 8 de junio de 2009


William Malone is a real hit-and-miss director for me. Sometimes he does some good scary flicks, like Fair Haired Child, sometimes he takes out some real cheese-balls like House on Haunted Hill and Creature, and once in a while a real shit-bomb like Fear Dot Com. This however, is his masterpiece.

Part surrealistic horror flick, part romance drama, and at all times eye-candy galore, I was really surprised how he was able to pull everything from his good and none of his cheesy shit.

The story deals with a young record collector (Dylan Purcell) who is smitten with a parasomnia case, a beautiful young woman named Cherilyn Wilson (from 90210), who is both beautiful and has great presence. And great tits too. Which she shows. Thrice. So, fearing for her life, he takes her away from the hospital at night. It’s too bad she is possessed by psychotic serial killer named Byron Volpe (played by the great Patrick Kilpatrick from Star Trek) who uses his hypnotic powers to take over the mind of the young girl, turning her into a psycho killer.

The acting is pretty spot on by the three leads, and features interesting secondary roles for Jeffrey Combs as a police detective hot on the case. Like I said before, there are some genuinely beautiful surreal moments, but mostly in the last act when we’re in the villain’s game, featuring two hypnotized young girls playing violin and cello, and weird robotic mannequins. It should come out in theaters. Highly recommended to all, and not to be missed. Look out for cameos by Sean Young and John Landis.

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  1. Hey! Saw this one the other day. It was a fun watch. That said, I'm not that big a fan of this film, but I feel that it's something very different. Worth a watch!

    - Sailor Ecchi