domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

City Lights

In my opinion, this is the best film Charles Chaplin ever made. It’s got everything that his movies are memorable for, funny and romantic at the same time. The story deals with Charlie as the lovable tramp falling in love with a young blind girl. He talks to her and visits her, both quickly falling for each other. At night he also becomes friends with a drunken millionaire, partying all night then completely forgetting about him the next morning. Using this, he tries to get as much money as possible from the drunken millionaire so he can pay for an operation for the blind girl so she can see again. When it happens, he goes to jail for a few years. Years later he returns and, in one of the most beautiful moments in cinema, the blind girl can now see and she recognizes him, their expressions basically taking out your breath. One of the best films from the dying days of the silent era.

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