viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

Legend of Billie Jean

Billie Jean is your typical redneck girl who spends a lot of time with her redneck friends and brother. One day, his brother’s motorcycle is trashed and she is forced to go to the father of the man she knows trashed the bike. She is almost raped and the friends are forced to shoot someone, and so begins the Legend of Billie Jean, one of the best and most underrated films of the 80’s. I’ve been reading reviews from the time and it was both a commercial and critical failure. I really don’t understand why, the film is really great, the story is classic, and Helen Slater is a total babe. I really dig when she turns into something of a cult hero and the girls start copying her haircut. The soundtrack is typical 80’s cheese, with Pat Benatar’s “Invincible” being a stand-out. Anyway check this out, it’s a lost masterpiece waiting to be rediscovered! Long live Helen Slater!

One more thing: here's Helen Slater from when she played Supergirl. You can thank me for your boner later.

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