miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

Cafe Flesh

It’s the post-apocalypse future, and 99% of the world is filled with sexual defectives who get their kicks out of going to a nightclub named Café Flesh, where they watch in suffering as fertile fiends have sex in different performance art pieces.
I saw this movie two years ago, after I heard this was one of the few films scream queen Michelle Bauer had appeared in (under the name Pia Snow). I was very surprised at how incredibly excellent the film was on pretty much every level. The film is framed and directed excellently, almost shocking when you realize this is a pornographic film. The set design is very artsy, with long interruptions of the story for long art-house pornographic sessions and crazy monologues. Speaking of monologues, Andy Nichols as Max Melodramatic, MC of Café Flesh, steals the show every time he’s on, the camera focusing on him and your eyes unable to move away, with his wild eyes, obscene gestures and crazy dialogue. The rest of the cast fare well, but it’s definitely Andy who steals the show, although Michelle Bauer is very beautiful and believable as Lana, a girl pretending to be unfertile until she’s discovered and forced to participate on the show with super-lover Johnny Rico.
The sex scenes are great as well, although when I heard Michelle used a body double for her fuck scenes, I felt a little cheated. Still, that’s her naked before the boob job, masturbating, and eating pussy, and eating it well, so it’s not all bad. Anyway, if you’re interested in watching something truly unique and different, very entertaining, and excellently filmed, check out Café Flesh. It’s one of the greatest movies of all time. Look out for a cameo by Richard Beltzer as a sex negative who looks like a bad Peter Murphy impersonator.

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