sábado, 27 de junio de 2009

Gran Torino

Mr. Kowalski (Eastwood) is an old, bitter war veteran who’s completely out of touch with what he calls ‘these damn kids today’. It all gets worse when he loses his wife, making him even more distant from his own family. Oddly enough, for reasons outside his control, he helps a young Hmong boy from a group of Hmong gangsters and slowly but surely befriends the Asian family. When the gangsters shoot up their house and rape/beat up their daughter, Clint goes onto Dirty Harry mode for vengeance. After seeing the dull Changeling, I wasn’t expecting much from this particular film. Hell, if it wasn’t Eastwood acting, I probably wouldn’t have seen it still. But as expected, he’s great! He’s believable and underplayed, and his best scenes come from his ritualistic process of getting ready for his revenge. The ending, although you see it coming, is very satisfying and pleasing. No Hollywood piece of shit mega-revenge-finish, but still effective as all hell This is Eastwood’s best film since Million Dollar Baby, and I hope he can pull them off again as good as this.

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