miércoles, 3 de junio de 2009


I had heard a lot of hype about this one, but didn’t want to watch it originally because I felt I would land into some sort of trap. Sure enough, this movie ended up being a million times better than I ever thought it would be, taking a simple premise and making it truly scary and entertaining. It deals with a couple, on vacation, who encounter another couple, two rednecky criminals, who take them hostage. After running over a small dog, one of them is infected with a creature, which is sort of similar to the one in John Carpenter’s The Thing, who grows the titular splinters all over the body, melding into other dead bodies and attacking anyone or anything in their way to transform them into part of it’s body. There are moments of true terror, such as the scene where the policewoman gets attacked, or when the hand is loose and they fight against it, that really gave me the chills. Kudos to the filmmakers for making a horror movie that was both fun, scary and entertaining. Why didn’t I get to see this in the theaters? 5 sticks on the dick out of 5.

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  1. This movie is freaking good! Bravo! Very intelligent, fun, exciting movie... Must see!