viernes, 19 de junio de 2009


Oh, Russ Meyer. You were always a Godlike-sex-maniac-filmmaker, and this is why you’ve always been my biggest influence as an amateur filmmaker. Vixen is one of his best movies, featuring the beautiful Erica Gavin as Vixen, a woman who is probably the biggest slut in the world. Even when she’s married, she sleeps with a client of her husbands’, the cute redhead wife, and her own damn brother! One person she won’t have sex, however, is her brother’s best friend Niles, because he’s black, and a draft dodger. It’s all fun and games until they’re kidnapped on a plan by communist O’Bannion, where Niles has to choose between joining O’Bannion to a communist country, or helping her racist nemesis for the greater good. This film is one of Meyer’s classics, sharing all the same characteristics of his previous ones. Satire about the typical family, square-jawed and muscular sissy men, action, fast editing and cutting, and of course, big titties. Erica Gavin would later appear in Beyond The Valley of the Dolls, another Meyer film, and in the WIP classic (and Jonathan Demme’s first film) Caged Heat. A must for all movie fans, as are all of Meyer’s films. GET ‘EM!

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