viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

Los Violadores

A group of bikers terrorize a wealthy man’s sex life, raping everyone he gerts involved with because of a road accident that caused the death of one of the members. The yuppie sends an army of karate fighters to kick the gang’s ass and castrate the leader (who pretty much sits there and lets himself get his cock cut off). After that the yuppie has more sex and the bike gang has more fun. That’s pretty much it plot-wise. The movie is pretty bad in most levels, from the horrible dubbing, bad disco music, and ridiculous lines (Let me piss on your mouth! You fight like a jew!) Even worse, the gang in the movie is a BMX biker gang! Yuck! Even so, what makes this film salvageable is the bike gang’s leader, who roams around naked with a bottle, does kung fu kicks, and kills a gardener with gardening shears! It’s also got some nice t&a from very hot women, and at 77 minutes, you could do much worse. The ending is so what the fuck, that you'll say just that: WHAT THE FUCK?!?

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