miércoles, 3 de junio de 2009

You ever sat down to watch a movie, expecting not to like anything about it, and come out actually enjoying it? This is exactly what happened when I saw this. There are a lot of European Exorcist rip-offs, like Behind The Door, Exorcism, The Antichrist, Eerie Midnight Horror Show, and La Endemoniada. While these are mostly Spanish and Italian, this particular one is from Germany. After a satanic man dies, his spirit goes inside (and “rapes”) a young virgin woman (hah!). After that it’s all familiar territory, as the young girl turns into a blaspheming hell-hound lusting for sex. The plot is stupid, the acting is atrocious and the suspense is nonexistent to say the least, but this film is so sleazy that it has to be seen to be believed. I nearly giggled like a 13 year old when I saw Magdalena, played by Dagmar Hedrich, writhing butt-naked in the floor, legs spread, screaming blasphemy and urging to get fucked. There are also memorable lines, my favorite being when she’s about to receive communion, and says “I don’t want it in my mouth, I want it in my pussy, you nunfucker!” Yowza! For sleazy Eurotrash fans only. 3 blaspheming teenage whores out of 5.

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