sábado, 27 de junio de 2009

The Devil You Know: Inside The Mind Of Todd McFarlane

I’m not very big on television documentaries, but this one really made me feel like I kid watching it. During the 90’s I was a huge comic book nerd, and one of my favorite comics was Spawn. I always loved the dark storyline and complex characters, plus the violent acts portrayed therein. Because of this love, Todd McFarlane seemed like a god among men, not only being a part of one of the biggest comic companies back then, Image Comics (which, looking back, most of their comics and artwork sucked), but also for his line of action figures featuring horror characters and famous celebrities. This documentary delves into his life and humanizes him, but I must now say that this is not exactly a good thing. He’s a failed jock who fell back on comics to make a living, and during the documentary he comes off as a prick. So this didn’t really make me enjoy this doc, but still I can’t deny his influence on me and my years growing up. So this is recommended but only if you’re a Spawn or McFarlane fan.

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