viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

High Noon

A classic of the Western cinema, one of the most controversial movies of it’s time, classified as the most un-American movie ever made by John Wayne himself, and an allegory for the 1950’s communist witch-hunt. Gary Cooper plays Will Kane, the town’s Marshall, getting married to the beautiful Grace Kelly and ready for retirement. It all goes haywire, tho, when three criminal henchmen of Frank Miller, a notorious criminal free from the law returning to the town to exact vengeance. He decides not to leave his post as Marshall, much to dismay of many, including his second-in-command Harvey Pell (played by Lloyd Bridges). Soon, all of the town abandons him, as the hours draw closer and closer to the inevitable showdown. In the end, only his wife stays by his side to help, in what is one of the best shoot-out scenes in the history of film. The script is pretty damn perfect, Gary Cooper bringing his everyman presence once again as with everything he touches, making him a vulnerable tough guy, you being with him 100%. The photography is luscious and the direction by Fred Zinnemann is flawless. A perfect movie.

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