miércoles, 29 de julio de 2009

36 Pasos

One of the most original no-budget horror films I have ever seen, made by Spanish filmmaker Adrian Garcia Boglian (although by the actresses’ accents, I’d say it was shot in Argentina). Six girls are kidnapped by a weirdo family who force them to pretend that they’re happy and having fun in a very expensive-looking house. If they don’t keep the charade going, they get whacked in the head with a sledgehammer. Kind of like a psycho reality show for an audience of one.
As in most no-budget films, the cinematography is better than the acting, which goes from good to bad to good again like a weird circle. However, what makes the film as interesting as it is is how original it is. It’s also full of fun and energy, and cheap gore, the kind that makes all gorehounds grin. There’s also plenty of nude flesh, a must for this kind of movie. So I say give it a chance, and keep up an open mind.

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