sábado, 4 de julio de 2009

Story of a Cloistered Nun

Nunsploitation is known for being one of the craziest and sleaziest in the exploitation field, and with good measure. Inspired by the success of The Devils, countries like Italy, Japan and even Mexico took in the craziness, some even going into the porno route. And while this film isn’t as crazy as, say, Images in A Convent, School of The Holy Beast or Satanico Pandemonium, it still has it’s share of sleaziness, particularly of the lesbian variety.
It deals with Marguerite, a young woman who displeases her family by not wanting to marry the man she was arranged to in childhood. Bitter about it, they send her to suffer the torments of the life in a convent. Talk about being disappointed! Still, the young woman there grows up pretty quickly, being the subject to whippings, lesbianism, and other fun stuff that exploitation is known for. A particularly hilarious scene is the one where a nun is forced to lick the floor, while some scenes are actually very interesting, like the dress-up scene where the nuns go into hiding and dress in female’s clothing as a way of mentally escaping. However, even with all this, this film tries to be something a little more serious than most of the other nunsploitation films. It tries to be more on the level of The Devils, a more serious and less exploitive approach. The acting is also better than average, and I was very happy to see Suzy Kendall, the beautiful star of Bird With The Crystal Plumage and Torso. The third act, where Marguerite starts becoming independent and accepts her identity, definitely makes it more interesting than most, not to mention the movie delivers a happy ending, a rarity in the genre. In The end, this is a great Nunsploitation movie, full of satisfying nudity and a good story to boot. Now let’s give a hand of applause to Eleonora Giorgi’s breasts!

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